The Benefits of a Home Visit Audiologist

With the corona virus pandemic still affecting people across the globe, audiologists are concerned about how they can continue treating hearing loss while protecting customers from potential exposure.

The hearing care industry has effectively closed their doors in the last few months, many shut up shop before the official lock down was announced in the UK.

Our Audiologists’ response to home visit hearing care

The biggest cause of hearing loss is age related and therefore the hearing care profession deals with the most susceptible people to getting severely ill with Corona Virus.

Even if customers are not in an at-risk group, there are still risks present for everyone involved with the hearing check, hearing aid programming and wax removal.

Guidelines for Hearing Care at home

Following new guidelines from our regulators the hearing care sector is tentatively opening up again in the UK.

Before you book a hearing test you will be asked the following question:

I. Do you or anyone in household have coronavirus?
II. Do you have a new continuous cough
III. Do you have a high temperature (37.8oC or over?)
IV. Does anyone in your household have a new, continuous cough or high temperature?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions you will be unable to book a hearing test.

The audiologist will also discuss whether you have a room large enough for social distancing (2m apart) and PPE requirements.

What can I expect from a home visit hearing assessment?

An audiologist is able to perform a full hearing assessment in your home the same as you would expect in a clinic. The only difference being that in a clinic you often will be placed in soundproof booth for the hearing test. This may be necessary in a noisy clinic/shop high street location where the ambient noise could be above 35 decibels (above this level a hearing test is not recommended). In the home we can usually find a quiet room where an accurate hearing test can be performed.

Once audiometry (hearing test) has been performed an audiologist should explain your results to you. If you are a candidate for amplification with hearing aids an audiologist should show you the different styles of hearing aids available.

Benefits of a home visit Audiologist

Before you choose a hearing aid you will most likely like a demonstration to hear what it sounds like. Your own home is an ideal environment for this. You can experience the sound in the rooms where you spend much of your time, you can try the hearing aids with your own TV, radio or stereo. People with hearing loss often find kitchens with loud appliances and lots of hard surfaces which cause reverberation, hard to hear conversation in. This is a great environment to demonstrate the advanced features of hearing aids, such as noise reduction.

A home visit hearing test saves the customer from travel and waiting rooms. If the audiologist is running behind schedule, though inconvenient, you do not need to worry about social distancing in waiting rooms or that your parking meter will expire.

Get the Hearing Care and Treatment Needed At-Home

As you can see, booking a home visit with your audiologist offers an array of benefits. Just remember, during this visit, we still need to take steps to ensure everyone is safe.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us, or use our secure “book online” feature. Our team is dedicated to helping ensure you get the care and treatment necessary to ensure your ongoing quality of life.