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About Oticon

Oticon is the largest hearing aid manufacturer based in Denmark. Oticon is part of the William Dermont Group which includes hearing aid manufacturer Bernafon.


More Sound Intelligence – Technology that gives access to all relevant sounds in a clear, complete and balanced.
More Sound Amplifier – Rapid high-resolution amplification.
More Sound Optimiser – Optimal gain without feedback risk.
Direct Streaming from Apple and Android (requires Android version 10 or above).
New Polaris Platform, 64 channel processing, twice as much memory and speed with Deep Neural Processing.

In September 2022 Oticon released Oticon Own. A new range of In the ear products. Oticon Own is available in 3 technology levels, Own 3, Own 2 and the top of the range Own 1. Oticon Own uses the same technology and software as the Oticon More RIC and BTE style of hearing aids.






Oticon Own is available in 4 styles:

IIC – Invisible in the canal – Size 10 battery – non wireless
CIC – completely in the canal – Size 10 Battery – non wireless – optional push button
ITC  -in the canal – 312 battery – optional push button – supports  Bluetooth for connecting to iOS and Android or can be made with a telecoil.
ITE  – in the ear – 312 battery – optional push button – supports  Bluetooth for connecting to iOS and Android or can be made with a telecoil.




Oticon Own Brain hearing

Oticon Own builds on Oticon’s OPN technology and it BrainHearing philosophy. Listening environments are dynamic and complex and unpredictable. It is the brain‚ role to handle and organise this complexity and deliver speech understanding.

Oticon Own allows to hear:
More of the meaningful sounds around you.
More balance and clarity of all the little details.
More captures of the special moments that sounds bring to life.



Oticon Own Processes the full sound signal and gives the brain optimized input from all types of meaningful sounds. By not suppressing the natural sound input (standard hearing aid technology) Oticon Own supports the way the brain naturally processes sound and gives the brain the best conditions to work optimally.

To deliver the full sound scene Oticon recorded sounds from real life and used the data (12 million real-life sound scenes) to train a highly Deep Neural Network (DNN).

MoreSound Intelligence‚ scans the sound environment 500 times a second, applies the users listening preferences and DNN vast training to deliver a more natural representation of all sounds in a clear and balanced sound scene.

MoreSound Amplifier,  a dynamic and balanced amplification system that delivers the full sound scene while maintaining the contrast balance between sounds. This ensures the brain has access to the important information it needs to makes sense of sound.

MoreSound Optimizer – Uses a combination of high speed acoustic analysis and algorithms to prevent feedback (whistling) before it even occurs.

Oticon On App


Available with Oticon Own ITC and ITE

  • Adjust volume and programmes.
  • Find my hearing aids
  • Set hearing goals with Hearing Fitness.
  • Check battery status.
  • Control your tinnitus sounds.
  • Pair your hearing aids to your smart home controls.









Oticon Wireless Accessories (ITC and ITE)


TV Adaptor 3.0‚ Plugs into your TV and will stream stereo sound direct to your hearing aids.







Oticon Connect Clip‚ Will pair with most Bluetooth enabled devices and allows for direct streaming from mobile phones, tablets and PCs. You can also listen to Oticon Connect Clip

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