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Sound Hearing provides all the hearing aids and styles you can possibly imagine and with aftercare for life and our money back guarantee you can buy with confidence.

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Sound Hearing provides hearing aids & private audiology services throughout London. We aim to make the purchase of new hearing aids  easy to understand and transparent.

We offer convenient and discreet home visit hearing tests, which are especially valuable to older adults with limited mobility and transportation options.

Age-related hearing loss is common as we get older, with a third of adults over 65 experiencing it to some degree. Regular visits to an audiologist are essential, particularly in you are over 50, for ongoing monitoring of your hearing health. It’s important to address any hearing issues quickly as early intervention can limit the extent of your hearing problem.

Our experience has taught us that a happy Sound Hearing customer needs the following:

  • A style/size of hearing aid you will be confident to wear and manage.
  • The option to choose from a range of invisible hearing aids
  • The latest in hearing technology to meet your listening needs
  • A home visit service for diagnosing hearing problems
  • A price that is within your budget.
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What Does an Audiologist do?

An audiologist is a healthcare professional who specialises in evaluating, diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders.

Audiologists offer a wide range of services aimed at addressing issues related to auditory function. This includes conducting assessments to determine the extent of hearing loss, fitting individuals with hearing aids, performing ear wax removal and managing conditions like tinnitus.

In addition to these diagnostic and treatment services, audiologists play a crucial role in providing rehabilitation and developing personalised treatment plans for people with hearing impairments.

By offering guidance and support, audiologists help patients navigate their hearing challenges and work towards enhancing their overall quality of life.

They also collaborate with other healthcare professionals such as otolaryngologists, speech therapists and GPs to ensure comprehensive care for individuals with hearing and balance issues.

At Sound Hearing, we specialise in hearing tests carried out in the comfort of your home. We serve London and the surrounding area.

What Happens During my Test?

During your hearing test, the audiologist will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing health. There are various types of hearing tests and they all typically involve an assessment of the extent and nature of any hearing loss you may have.

The audiologist will also talk to you about your medical history and lifestyle to better understand the potential causes of your hearing issues.

Based on the findings from the examination, the audiologist provides personalised recommendations for treatment options, which may include hearing aids or other interventions.

These recommendations are tailored to address your specific needs and improve your overall quality of life by enhancing your auditory experience.

In addition to recommending specific interventions, audiologists may also offer guidance on hearing protection strategies to prevent further damage to your hearing and promote long-term hearing health.

Book a free hearing test in London with one of our expert audiologists. We provide comprehensive hearing assessments in the comfort of your home.


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A Commitment From Our Audiologists

Our hearing solutions are bespoke for you. We work with you to understand your needs and carefully select the right hearing system to meet your needs.

As independent private audiologists, we can offer an extensive range of hearing aids to suit every budget, hearing loss and lifestyle. Your relationship with your audiologist and their knowledge of selecting and fitting hearing aids correctly is the cornerstone of successful outcomes.

Your hearing journey doesn’t end with the fitting of your hearing aids. We offer continuous support, follow-ups, and adjustments to ensure your long-term satisfaction.

Sound Hearing offer so much more than just hearing aids. We are the expert team that looks after your hearing health.

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Ear Wax Removal

The safest and easiest way to get rid of excess or stubborn ear wax is to see a hearing care professional.

Hearing Tests

Home Visit Hearing Test

Sound Hearing offer FREE, no obligation home hearing tests with our trusted, qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists.


Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Already have hearing aids? We’ll retest your hearing and reprogramme your existing hearing aids to ensure you get the best from them.

Which? logoIndependent hearing aid providers are rated most highly by customers with an 87% customer satisfaction rate.

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Already have a hearing aid?

Sound Hearing offer a reprogamming service, to help you get the most out of your current hearing aid, without you needing to buy a new one.

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Our free online hearing test is a helpful indicator to advise if you may/ may not have a hearing loss but is not a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment.

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Happy Sound Hearing Customers

Good value hearing aids and reliable service

I visited Sound Hearing after reading that they offered independent, good value and excellent service, better than other hearing aid suppliers. My hearing loss required me to have the most up-to-date aids, and Sound Hearing was both informative and patient at all times. I was allowed leeway in my trial period length, and was provided with prompt, reliable service that catered to my changing hearing needs.

G M Warr

A reassuring hearing aid trial…

I was carefully told how my hearing would be assessed, how recommendations would be made and assured that no payment would be required until I had had the chance to try out the hearing aids for myself. I was impressed by the equipment used and the explanations given in the assessment of my hearing loss. A suitable set of aids was prescribed and fitted. On subsequent visits, adjustments were made and I always felt I was given every opportunity to discuss my experience during the consultation.

M Airey