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Unitron Blu


Released in 2021, Blu is the latest technology available from Unitron.  The New Integra Operating System constantly scans the listening environment and fine tunes the audio with up to 200 adjustments to ensure an optimised listening experience

Unitron Moxi Blu hearing aid range


Unitron Moxi Blu B-R
Unitron Moxi Blu B-RT
Unitron Moxi Blu B-312
Unitron Stride Blu B-PR
Unitron Stride Blu B-UP



  • Integra OS – Automictically identifies and classifies the incoming sound signal.
  • Auto Focus 360 – uses all microphones to determine where speech is coming from and then alters the amplification and employs noise reduction in each ear to maximise speech understanding.
  • The Soft Speech feature boosts soft speaking people, making even quieter voices clearer and more comfortable to hear.
  • Unitron Blu is made for any Bluetooth phone and allows for with hands-free calling. Blu can connect to two bluetooth devices at the same time and it can be paired to up to eight.
  • Tap Control allows you to activate voice assistance, answer phone or stream music, and simply by tapping your ear
  • myPhonak app lets you control your Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids, access useful features and personalise your settings
  • Remote Plus App allows you the personalise your hearing experience.

Unitron Blu hearing aids

Colours Unitron Blu: Amber, espresso, platinum, pewter, charcoal, beige, amber suede, espresso boost, pewter shine, cinnamon.

Unitron hearing aid charger

The Unitron charger has a built in battery for charge on the go. A full charge should take around 4 hours and the user should easily get a full days use with many hours of streaming.

Unitron Discover Next

Released in 2020 as follow up to the Unitron Discover.

Unitron Discover hearing aids

Key Features:

  • SoundNAv 3.0 – recognises and classifies the sound landscape ensuring clear speech, reduced noise and sound quality that’s balanced in all listening environments.
  •  Soft speech lift – Enhances the soft sounds of speech.
  • SpeechPro – uses binaural cues to know where speech is coming from and then enhance it.
  • Spatial Awareness  – ensures sounds are perceived in their accurate locations.
  • Direct Connectivity to your iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices, permitting you to stream excellent quality audio directly to your hearing aids.
  • Rechargeable options – 3 rechargeable models.

Unitron Discover

Unitron Discover was released in 2019 and was soon updated  with Discover Next. You would only purchase Discover is you are replacing a lost hearing aid.



Unitron Tempus

The Unitron Tempus was released in 2017 and superseded the North platform. Tempus has now been superseded by the Blu and Discover Next platforms.

SoundCore uses SoundNav to identify the and classify the listening environment. SpeechPro, Sound Conductor and Spatial Awareness allow for maximum speech understanding in challenging listening environments.

The Tempus range has uses Flex:Trial technology. A user can trial entry level technology and if they feel it does not meet their needs (in noise for example) they can Flex:Upgrade the hearing devices. The upgrade is a software update, new hearing aids do not need to be ordered.

Tempus hearing aids can be controlled by the Remote Plus app from your smartphone.

Unitron Tempus is available in 5 technology levels; Tempus Pro, Tempus 800, Tempus 700, Tempus 600 and Tempus 500. Full features and a comparison between models can be found on our product pages.

Unitron Tempus is available in a number of styles; 7 RIC models, 4 BTE models and 5 In the ear styles: