Resound Key Hearing Aids

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ReSound KEY Hearing Aids

About ReSound

ReSound is part of the GN Group, which was established in 1943. It has a history in audio engineering dating back to 1869. ReSound is considered a pioneer in the hearing aid industry, with a worldwide presence in over 80 countries. Their headquarters are in Denmark.

ReSound developed the first Made for Apple hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming and was also a pioneer in active noise-cancelling technology.

ReSound KEY Hearing Aids

ReSound Key was released in early 2021 and is available in all hearing aid styles. It is positioned in the essentials (budget) category and, therefore, sits below Resound One and Quattro from a technology standpoint. Essentials does not mean it is less robust or reliable than the Quattro or One; it means the technology inside the hearing aid could be more advanced. Resound Key should be on your shortlist if you have a budget of less than £2000 for your hearing devices.


  • Clear sound and premium audiological features
  • A complete range of hearing aids in the essentials category
  • Rechargeable version (KEY 4 only). Up to 30 hours on one charge
  • Direct audio streaming from iOS and Android devices
  • Remote Hearing Care

Resound KEY Technology

Resound Key continues with Resound ‘Organic Hearing Philosophy’, which aims to create a natural hearing experience with features of Natural Directionality II and Synchronised soft switching.

Resound Key is available in three technology levels: Key 2, Key 3 and the top of the range Key 4

Natural Directionality uses a fitting strategy where one ear (hearing aid) is always in directional mode, and one ear is always in an omnidirectional way. The user’s brain creates a unified binaural image based on which ear receives the signal of interest. This allows users to stay aware of background noises and increases the ease of listening.

Soft Switching Smoothly switches the hearing aid between omni and directional modes depending on the sound environment.

DFS Ultra II is an advanced feedback system that prevents the hearing aid from whistling. It is available on all models.

Resound KEY Chargers

ReSound Key Colours RIC, BTE and in-the-ear models

The Resound Key 4 Rechargeable version comes with a Desktop Charger. A Premium charger with a built-in battery for charging on the go is available.


Colours available for RIC and BTE styles are Sterling Grey, Black, Beige, Medium Blonde and Dark Brown.






The Colours Available for CIC, ITC, and ITE styles are Light, Beige, Medium Brown, Brown, and Dark Brown.






Resound Key Models

Resound KEY RIC models - images of Resound key rechargeable and battery RIC and BTE hearing aids

Resound KEY RIE 61 – Rechargeable, push button

Resound KEY RIE 61 312 – uses a 312 battery and has a push button

Resound KEY RIE 62 13 uses a long-lasting 13 battery, which is more extensive; therefore, the device is slightly larger than the 312 – push button.

Resound BTE 67 312 –  uses a 312 battery with a push button – thin or standard tubing.

Resound BTE 77 13 –  uses a long-lasting 13 battery, push button-thin or standard tubing.

Resound BTE 88 13 – A higher power hearing aid for more severe hearing losses, push button – thin tubing or standard tubing

Resound SP BTE 98 is Resound’s most potent hearing aid, using a large 675 battery. It has a push button and standard tubing only.



Resound ONE Smart 3D App

For those who like discreet and easy control of their aids at their fingertips, the ReSound Smart 3D App can be downloaded to many smartphones and is compatible with the Bluetooth wireless range of products. Additionally, if your smartphone operates on iOS (Apple) or Android version 10 (with Bluetooth 5.0), you can directly stream voice calls, music and sound from your device. For those who have the App and want direct streaming from their smartphone – this can be achieved, even without an iOS or Android 10 device, by using the ReSound PhoneClip+ wireless accessory.

Smartphone & App Compatibility
Apple iOS: Resound Key 3 and 4 will stream from most devices and connect to an Apple Watch. iOS 12 or later is recommended.

Android devices: Streaming requires a minimum of Android 10.


Resound Wireless Accessories


ReSound Key Accessories

ReSound offers a range of wireless accessories to expand and improve your hearing experience. They are compatible with most ReSound aids and are effective and simple to set up and use.


ReSound Multi Mic is a small microphone that allows you to hear up to 25 meters away. It can be worn by the person you want to hear or placed on the table in a group of people. The sound is streamed directly to the hearing aids, and you will hear well even in heavy background noise. The Multi Mic also connects to loop and FM systems (an FM receiver is required) and has an input socket for streaming audio from any device with a headphones output.





ReSound Phone Clip lets you stream calls and music directly to your hearing aids from any Bluetooth-enabled phone. This improves the audibility of phone calls even in noisy environments, effectively giving you high-quality, hands-free calls.









ReSound TV Streamer 2 streams stereo sound directly from your TV, computer, tablet, radio, or stereo system to your hearing aids. Effectively, this accessory transforms your hearing aids into wireless headphones ‚ giving you independent volume adjustment and clear sound up to 7 meters away. The ReSound TV Streamer 2 allows your friends and family to listen at their comfortable volume ‚Äì while you stream sound to your aids at your preferred level.







For those without the ReSound Smartphone App, a separate ReSound Remote Control allows you to adjust the volume of your aids, switch programs and mute the aids. The control can connect the aids to the ReSound Multi Mic and the ReSound TV Streamer 2 and adjust the sound when streaming. Remote controls are favoured by hearing aid users who find using the button controls on their aids fiddly and wish to make adjustments discreetly.


Additional information


Release Date




Technology Level

Key-2, Key-3, Key-4

Battery Type

10, 13, 312, 675, Rechargeable



Single / Pair

Single, Pair

Service Type

Standard Service, Service Lite

OverviewResound Key 2Resound Key 3Resound Key 4
WARP Compression (WDRC) 6812
Natural Directionality II N/AN/AYes
Synchronised Soft Switching N/AN/AYes
Soft Switching yesyesyes
Multiscope Adaptive Directionality N/AYesYes
Adaptive Directionality N/AN/AN/A
Environmental Classifier YesYesYes
DFS Ultra II YesYesYes
Wind Guard YesYesYes
Impulse Noise Reduction N/AN/AYes
Expansion YesYesYes
Synchronised Acceptance Manager N/AYesYes
Low Frequency Boost (Only UP) YesYesYes
Tinnitus Sound Generator YesYesYes
Remote Fine-Tuning yesyesyes
Remote Firmware Updates yesyesyes
Live Assistance yesyesyes
Smart Start YesYesYes
Phone Now YesYesYes
Comfort Phone N/AYesYes
Direct audio streaming (MFi, Android) N/AYesYes
ReSound Smart 3D app YesYesYes
Direct Audio Streaming (MFI) YesYesYes
Resound Smart 3D App YesYesYes
Resound Remote Control 2 YesYesYes
Resound TV Streamer 2 YesYesYes
Resound Phone Clip YesYesYes
Resound Micro Mic YesYesYes
Resound Multi Mic YesYesYes