Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids

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 Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids

The Bernafon Alpha hearing aid range was released in January 2021 and supersedes the Bernafon Viron. Previous Bernafon products include the Juna and Zerena ranges. In 2022, Custom-in-the-ear model hearing aids were added to the product range.

Bernafon is a Swiss-based manufacturer and part of the William Demant Group, which includes hearing aid manufacturer Oticon.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids Overview

Hybrid Technology – two parallel sound processing strategies working together.
In 2022, new BTE, IIC, CIC and  ITE models were released.
Virtual Outer Ear – three realistic ear pinna (outer ear) models to provide better spatial balance.
Direct Streaming from Apple and Android (requires Android version 10 or above).
New Processor – 64 channel processing, twice as much memory, speed and machine learning.

Bernafon Alpha is available in 5 technology levels – 1, 3, 5, 7 and the top of the range 9.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aid Models

Bernafon Alpha is available in several models:

Bernafon Alpha MiniRITE T R Hearing Aids – Telecoil and Rechargeable – double push button for volume and programme change
Bernafon Alpha MiniRITE T Hearing Aids – Telecoil uses a 312 battery – double push button for volume and programme change.
Bernafon Alpha MiniBTE  T R Hearing Aids – Telecoil and Rechargeable – double push button for volume and programme change
Bernafon Alpha MiniBTE T Hearing Aids – Telecoil uses a 312 battery – double push button for volume and programme change.
Bernafon Alpha IIC Hearing Aids uses a size 10 battery with no optional push button.
Bernafon Alpha CIC Hearing Aids – uses size 10 battery – optional push button.
Bernafon Alpha ITC Hearing Aids – uses size 312 battery – optional push button.
Bernafon Alpha ITE Hearing Aids – half shell – uses size 312 battery – optional push button.
Bernafon Alpha ITE Hearing Aids –  entire shell – uses size 10 battery – optional push button.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids Prices

Sound Hearing believes in transparency and, therefore, publishes all the prices of our hearing aids. To locate a price, click on the picture to choose the hearing aid model. If you hover over the image, a text description will appear. Next, choose the technology level you are interested in. Below technology, choose a single or pair of hearing aids and then Standard Service or Service LITE. A price will then appear above and below. If you click clear, all tabs will be reset to perform a new search.

Sound Hearing offers Standard Service and Service LITE. For detailed information, click here.
Standard Service—includes a home visit hearing test, a home visit fitting, and home visit aftercare for life. This suits new users and older people who may have trouble cleaning and maintaining their hearing aids and need regular support.
Service LITE – Includes a home visit hearing test and a home visit fitting. Aftercare is then chargeable. This may be suited to experienced hearing aid users who can maintain their own hearing aids. It may also be suited to customers who spend time overseas.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids brochure video

Bernafon Alpha is available in five technology levels: Alpha 1, Alpha 3, Alpha 5, Alpha 7, and Alpha 9, the top-of-the-range model. All models have Bluetooth and work with the Bernafon App. They will all work and sound very similar in a quiet environment. The difference between the models is their performance in noisy environments. Full features and a comparison can be found on our product pages.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aid Rechargeable Options



The Bernafon Alpha Charger is stable, and the hearing aids’ insertion and removal are very easy—ideal for users with eyesight or dexterity issues.

3 Hours Fully Charged

1 Hour 50% Charged

30 minutes 25% Charged






Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids Technology

Using Bernafon’s fastest chip and channel-free processing, the Bernafon Alpha can detect, analyse, and process sound in real-time. Its Hybrid Technology augments speech understanding and listening comfort.

The Hybrid Technology in Bernafon Alpha consists of four hybrid processing blocks. Each combines two smoothly interacting counterparts to effectively perform in any listening situation.

Hybrid Noise Management: 2 systems working in tandem.

Smart Directionality continuously and independently adjusts its directional patterns to identify speech when noise is present.

Intelligent Noise Reduction—When smart directionality cannot sufficiently improve the audibility of speech in noise, intelligent noise reduction activates and actively reduces the background noise.



Hybrid Balancing: The hybrid balancer aims to allow for sound amplification that is personalised to the user’s preferences. It has two systems that can run independently or together:

Speech Balancer boosts speech signals in the presence of noise. The amount of boost applied can be adjusted to the user’s personal preferences.

Noise Balancer delivers higher listening comfort in noisy situations and is customisable to the user’s sensitivity to noise.



Hybrid Sound Processing uses two systems that aim to ensure there is no compromise in sound quality and speech audibility:

Time Domain Processing – gives fast speech signals the correct amount of gain.

Frequency Domain Processing – works for slower sounds such as noise and can recognise and isolate the specific frequency of the noise.



Hybrid Feedback Canceller – Proactive sound manager with static and dynamic feedback systems. These systems work together and monitor the excellent signal up to 126,000 times per second and actively remove any chance of feedback (whistling) before it has a chance to become audible.





Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids APP

The Bernafon EasyControl-A App allows users to control and adjust their Bernafon hearing aids. The App also enables users to connect their hearing aids to other devices using the (IFTTT) protocol. For example, a user could get a notification in their hearing aids when the doorbell rings or a text message could be sent to a carer when they turn on their hearing aids. The app also has a useful Find My Hearing Aid tool, which works through the phone’s GPS.



Bernafon Alpha is made for iPhone (MFi) and the latest Android phones (Android 10 and above), meaning you can take calls or stream music directly from your mobile.

Bernafon Alpha works as high-quality stereo headphones operating a stable connection with minimal power consumption.

For older Android and other Bluetooth devices, a Bernafon SoundClip-A is required.




Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids Colours



Bernafon Alpha is available in the new Midnight Blue colour.

Nine other colour options are available with Bernafon Alpha to reflect skin tones and hair colours: Midnight Blue, Base shell metallic anthracite, and a choice of antique bronze, metallic anthracite, metallic silver, or sand beige. Base shell metallic silver and a choice of jet black, cocoa brown, metallic anthracite, metallic silver, or sand beige.








Bernafon Alpha Accessories

Several accessories are available with Bernafon Alpha hearing aids:



Bernafon SoundClip-A  – will pair with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and allow direct streaming from mobile phones, tablets and PCs. With its built-in remote microphone, you can also listen to people from a distance.









Bernafon TV-A  – Plugs into your TV and will stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids.










Bernafon RC-A  -Simple pocket-sized remote control which allows the user to change hearing aid volume or program.











Sennheiser BTD800 Bluetooth dongle – Plugs into a USB port (PC) and will allow a wireless audio link to the Connect Clip.










Additional information


Release Date

2020, 2022

Bernafon Alpha Model

Alpha miniRITE R Rechargeable, Alpha miniRITE R T, Alpha miniBTE T Rechargeable, Alpha miniBTE T, Alpha IIC, Alpha CIC, Alpha ITC, Alpha ITE Half Shell, Alpha ITE Full Shell

Bernafon Alpha Technology Level

Alpha 9, Alpha 7, Alpha 5, Alpha 3, Alpha 1





Single / Pair

Single, Pair

Service Type

Standard Service, Service Lite

Service Lite Discount

15% Off



OverviewBernafon Alpha 5 RBernafon Alpha 7 RBernafon Alpha 9 R
Hybrid Sound Processing YesYesYes
Frequency bandwidth 8KHz8KHz10KHz
Hybrid Balancing NoYesYes
Speech Balancer No2 options3 Options
Noise Balancer No2 options3 Options
Hybrid Noise Management YesYesYes
Smart Noise Reduction 8KHz8KHz8KHz
Smart Directionality 121212
Dynamic States N/AN/AN/A
Omni States N/AN/AN/A
Frequency Composition YesYesN/A
Low Frequency Enhancer YesYesN/A
Binaural Noise Management NoYesyes
Transient Noise Reduction 3 options3 Options4 options
Wind Noise Manager YesYesYes
Dynamic Range Extender NoYesYes
Soft Noise Manager YesYesYes
Dynamic YesYesYes
Adaptive Full Directionality YesYesYes
Fixed Omni YesYesYes
Omni Directional YesYesYes
True Directionality Plus NoYesYes
Personalisation YesYesYes
Fitting Bands 182024
Programme options/memories 13/413/414/4
Binaural Coordination VC, programme change YesYesYes
Automatic Adaption Manager YesYesYes
Transition 2 Options3 options4 options
Data Logging YesYesYes
Tinnitus Sound Support YesYesYes
Remote Control RC-A YesYesYes
SoundClip-A YesYesYes
EasyControl-A app YesYesYes
iPhone Mic YesYesYes
TV-A adapter YesYesYes
Tinnitus Sound Support YesYesYes
Frequency Composition N/AN/AYes
Low Frequency Enhancer N/AN/AYes