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Oticon Intent MiniRite Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Oticon’s latest hearing aid range was released in February 2024 and superseded the Oticon Real, Oticon More, and OPN S ranges. Oticon Intent is Oticon’s premium hearing aid range and sits above the Oticon Zircon’ budget’ hearing aids.

Oticon is the largest hearing aid manufacturer based in Denmark. Oticon is part of the William Demant Group, which includes hearing aid manufacturers Bernafon and Phillips.

Oticon Intent Hearing Aid model:

Oticon Intent was released in February 2024 and supersedes Oticon OPN, OPNs, More and Real. For custom in-the-ear (ITC, CIC) hearing aids, Oticon Own is the most current Oticon product.

Oticon Intent has been released in one model:

Oticon Intent MiniRite R—Oticon’s smallest rechargeable aid has a push button and an inbuilt telecoil. Intent hearing aids are available in four technology levels: Intent 1, Intent 2, Intent 3, and the entry-level Intent 4.


Oticon Intent Video Brochure



Oticon Intent Colours

Oticon Intent MinRite R Prices

Oticon IntentIntent 1Intent 2Intent 3Intent 4
Price for One£1945£1745£1445£1245
Price for Two£3795£3395£2695£2295
Price for One Service LITE£1653.25£1483.25£1228.25£1058.25
Price for Two Service LITE£3225.75£2885.75£2290.75£1950.75

Oticon Intent Technology

Diagram showing how Oticon Intent 4D sensors work

The new Sirius™ platform powers Oticon’s Intent. Sirius™ enables Oticon’s new 4D sensor technology, Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0, MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0 and MoreSound Amplifier™ 3.0 to operate.

4D sensor Technology

Surrounding Sound sensors capture the full range of sounds around a person, noting changes in the sound landscape whether they’re in one place or moving to another.

Head Movement sensors track how a person tilts or turns their head to grasp their conversational setting better.

Body Movement Sensors detect how a person moves, aiming to provide better support for being aware of their surroundings.

Talking and Listening: By noticing whether or not a conversation is happening, the system knows when to prioritise hearing speech.

Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0

Oticon’s Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology is a machine learning form that simulates how the human brain learns and processes information. The DNN in Oticon hearing aids is trained on many sound scenes, enabling it to recognise and prioritise speech over noise effectively. This results in a more natural listening experience, with improved clarity and easier speech understanding for the user. By mimicking the brain’s learning process, Oticon’s DNN technology aims to provide a more intuitive and efficient hearing solution, making it easier for users to engage in conversations and interact with their environment.

Oticon Intent introduces a new and improved version of DNN that enhances how we hear the world. This update brings more precise sounds, more distinct speech, and better background noise reduction.

  • It’s been taught with a wider variety of sounds, especially the tricky ones, to ensure nothing important gets missed.
  • It’s been challenged more during its learning phase to perform even better.
  • It keeps sounds true to their original form, so you lose less detail in conversations and the noise around you.
  • It’s now even better at tuning out distractions, reducing unwanted noise significantly in busy settings.

MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0


More Sound Intelligence 3.0 works with the 4D sensors, constantly scans the sound environment, and adapts the hearing aid to the user’s environment and listening needs.

MoreSound Amplifier™ 3.0

MoreSound Amplifier 3.0 is designed to deliver sound clarity and balance across a wide frequency range from 80 Hz to 10,000 Hz. It enhances the auditory environment by making sounds richer and more lifelike. This feature ensures that all sound, from a whisper to loud music, is amplified correctly, providing a comprehensive hearing experience tailored to your hearing needs.

MoreSound Optimiser™

MoreSound Optimiser detects and prevents the hearing aid from feedbacking (whistling) without sacrificing gain (volume). This gives users improved access to speech details, increased comfort, and improved speech understanding.

SuddenSound Stabiliser

Sudden loud sounds like slamming doors or rattling cutlery are familiar. SuddenSound Stabiliser acts fast and instantly detects and reduces the volume of these uncomfortable sounds. Providing the appropriate gain reduction and immediately releasing the gain when the sound ends.

Wind & Handling Stabiliser

Wind and Handling Stabiliser detects wind and handling 500 times a second. Once wind or handing is seen, the hearing aid reduces the unwanted sounds without affecting speech clarity.

New Charger and new Lithium Ion battery 

Picture of Oticon Intent Hearing Aids Charging in the Oticon Desk Charger


Oticon has chosen fast contact charging with Intent. The new size 13 Lithium Ion battery will give up to 20 hours of battery life. When you need a recharge, drop your hearing aids in the charger:

  • full day of hearing aid use after one hour of charging.
  • Four hours of power in just a 15-minute charge.
  • Eight hours of power after just a 30-minute charge.




Next-generation Bluetooth LE Audio

With Bluetooth LE Audio, Oticon Intent is ready for future communication technologies like Auracast™. Auracast™ broadcast will enable devices such as smartphones, laptops, televisions, or public address systems to broadcast audio to an unlimited number of nearby compatible receivers, including hearing aids, speakers and earbuds.

Users with smart devices that can handle LE Audio can directly stream audio content and make hands-free calls, including Apple phones and some newer Android phones. For a compatibility check with your device, please click here.

Compare the features in Oticon Intent 1, 2, 3 and 4

Intent 1Intent 2Intent 3Intent 4
Speech Understanding & Listening Easy
More Sound intelligence 3.0Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Sensor technologyYesYesNoNo
Environmental ClassifierFive configurationsFour configurationsThree configurationsNo configurations
Virtual Outer EArThree configurationsTwo configurationsOne configurationsOne configuration
Intent Based Spatial Balancer100%60%60%40%
Neural Noise Suppression Difficult /Easy12db / 6db10db / 4db8db / 2db6db / 0db
Sound EnhancerThree configurationsTwo configurationsOne configurationOne configuration
Wind & Handling StabiliserYesYesYesYes
MoreSound AmplifierYesYesYesYes
MoreSound OptimiserSix configurationsFive configurationsFour configurationsTwo configurations
Feedback ShieldYesYesYesYes
Spatial Sound4 estimators4 estimators4 estimators4 estimators
Soft Speech BoosterYesYesYesYes
Frequency Lowering Speech RescueYesYesYesYes
Sound Quality
Clear DynamicsYesYes- -
Better-Ear PriorityYesYesYes-
Power Bass (streaming)YesYesYesYes
Processing Channels64484848
Fitting Bands24201814
Multiple Directionality OpitonsYesYesYesYes
Adaptation ManagerYesYesYesYes
Connecting to the world
Oticon Companion AppYesYesYesYes
LE AudioYesYesYesYes
Hands-Free CommunicationYesYesYesYes
Direct StreamingYesYesYesYes
Remote Control 3.0YesYesYesYes
TV Adapter 3.0YesYesYesYes
Phone Adapter 2.0YesYesYesYes
Tinnitus SoundSupportYesYesYesYes
CROS/BiCROS SupportYesYesYesYes

Oticon Intent Hearing Companion APP

Oticon More, Real and Oticon Intent Companion App

Oticon Intent Companion App


The improved Oticon Companion app allows users to personalise their listening experience.

Oticon Companion app features:

  • Adjust volume and programmes.
  • Remember Volume Settings – if you adjust the volume, the hearing aids will remember your new preferred hearing levels.
  • Sound Equalizer – customise the sound of your hearing aids.
  • Streaming Equalizer – customise the sound when streaming sound.
  • Find my hearing aids
  • Set hearing goals with Hearing Fitness.
  • Update your hearing aids – minor hearing aid firmware updates are available via the Companion app.
  • Check battery status.
  • Control your tinnitus sounds.
  • Pair your hearing aids with your smart home controls.
  • Remote Hearing Care
  • To check the compatibility of your phone with Oticon Intent, click here


Oticon Intent R Wireless Accessories – Click here to purchase

Oticon TV Streamer







Oticon TV Adaptor 3.0

It plugs into your TV and streams stereo sound directly to your hearing aids.

Oticon Connect Clip

Oticon Connect Clip

It will pair with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and allow direct streaming from mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. With its built-in remote microphone, you can also listen to people from a distance.


Oticon Remote Control 3.0










Oticon Remote Control 3.0

A simple remote to change the volume of the hearing aid or program.



Sennheiser BTD800 Bluetooth dongle










Sennheiser BTD800 Bluetooth dongle

It plugs into a USB port (PC) and will allow a wireless audio link to the Connect Clip.

Oticon Intent MiniRite Rechargeable Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Oticon MiniFit
Filters Oticon ProWax
Slim tubes
Standard tubing
Receiver/Speaker Wire Oticon MiniFit Detect
Battery Built-in rechargeable
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control Remote Control 2.0
TV Connector Oticon TV Apater 3.0
Remote Mic Oticon Connect Clip


Additional information

Oticon Intent Model

Intent MiniRITE R

Oticon Intent Tech Level

Intent 1, Intent 2, Intent 3, Intent 4


Release Date






Battery Type




Single / Pair

Single, Pair

Service Type

Standard Service, Service Lite

Service Lite Discount

15% Off

OverviewOticon More 2 ROticon More 3 R
MoreSound Intelligence Level 2Level 3
Environmental Configuration 5 Configuration3 Configurations
Virtual Outer Ear 1 Configurations1 Configurations
Spatial Balancer 60%60%
Neural Noise Suppression Difficult/Easy 6 db / 2 db6 db / 0 db
Sound Enhancer 2 Configurations2 Configurations
Feedback Prevention MoreSound Optimizer & Feedback shieldMoreSound Optimizer & Feedback shield
Spatial Sound 2 Estimators2 Estimators
Soft Speech Booster YesYes
Speech Rescue (Frequency Lowering) YesYes
Clear Dynamics YesNo
Better Ear Priority YesNo
Fitting Bandwidth 8 KHz8 KHz
Processing Channels 4848
Bass Boots (Streaming) YesYes
Transient Noise Management 3 Configurations3 Configurations
Wind Noise Management YesYes
Fitting Bands 2018
Listening Programs YesYes
Multiple Directionality Options YesYes
Adaption Management YesYes
Stereo Streaming (2.4 GHz) YesYes
Made for iphone/Made For Android YesYes
Oticon On App & Oticon RemoteCare App YesYes
Connect Clip YesYes
Remote Control 3.0 YesYes
TV Adapter 3.0 YesYes
Tinnitus SoundSupport YesYes
Chip Velox S YesYes