What Are the Best Invisible Hearing Aids That I Can Buy?

It is not uncommon to feel self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid at first. Often people are aware they need to address their hearing loss but are concerned that they will have to wear a conspicuous hearing aid which everyone will see.

Invisible hearing aids can solve this problem.

What are Invisible Hearing Aids?

Invisible hearing aids may also be called hidden hearing aids or invisible in the canal hearing aids.

Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids are small devices that sit deep in the ear canal and are therefore unnoticeable – hence the invisible name. There are lots of slight variations of Invisible in the Canal hearing aids, you might also see ‘In the Ear’ (ITE) hearing aids, ‘Completely in the Canal’ (CIC) and even ‘half’ or ‘full’ shell. These are all different kinds of hearing aids that sit in the ear. Depending on the size of your ear canal and your hearing loss, bespoke invisible hearing aids will vary in size and type… that’s summarised by all these various names.

Most invisible in the canal hearing aids are custom made for the user. Due to their popularity, all manufactures offer an invisible product. In this guide, we list some of our favourite invisible hearing aids and give the reasons why.

Please note though that IIC invisible hearing aids are not for everyone. They use the smallest battery (size 10) which will need changing every 4 to 5 days. Though batteries are not expensive, they can be fiddly if your dexterity or eyesight is diminished. It you have a smaller than average ear canal or your ear canal has a tight bend, the manufacturers may not be able to design an invisible hearing aid to fit your ear. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What are the best value invisible hearing aids?

In our experience, we feel Oticon consistently make invisible hearing aids that are amongst the most discreet on the market. Oticon have a premier range of IIC’s called Oticon Opn but also manufacture a value range called Oticon Siya.

Though positioned as a value product, the Oticon Siya range of hearing aids are packed with technology which would have been considered premier only 2 years ago.

Oticon Siya invisible hearing aids are fast and responsive and include great noise reduction technology.

Oticon Siya hidden hearing aids come in two technology levels:  Siya 1 and Siya 2 and we feel they offer great value.

Toughest invisible hearing aid

Phonak’s new Marvel Titanium is the only hearing aid made from medical-grade titanium. Titanium has the advantage of being up to 15 times stronger than traditional hearing aid materials. Titanium is also thinner than existing hearing aid materials which means the hearing aid can be made smaller and therefore it will fit deeper into the ear.

Phonak Marvel Titanium is available in two technology levels: M70 and M90, with the M90 offering the best performance in background noise environments.

An invisible hearing aid that connects to your mobile phone

Starkey SoundLens iQ is Starkey’s most recent invisible hearing aid. The SoundLens iQ i2400 is able to communicate with Starkey’s SurfLink accessories which means you can stream audio direct from your mobile phone with the SurfLink Mobile 2 or your television with the SurfLink Media 2.

Running the synergy platform, SoundLens hearing aids use the Acuity Landscape Analyser to detect and adjust hearing aids to the specific listening environment. Active Immersion technology prioritises speech from any direction and noise control reduces unwanted noise to maintain a comfortable listening environment.

Starkey SoundLens is available in six technology levels.

Invisible Hearing aids from Sound Hearing

If you’re searching for the top invisible hearing aids on the market, you’ve found them at Sound Hearing. Browse our selection of  invisible in the canal hearing aids now to discover the discreet device you need to hear all life has to offer.