Oticon Real Hearing Aids

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Oticon Real Hearing Aids

The Oticon Real range of hearing aids was released in March 2023 and supersedes the Oticon More and OPN S Range of hearing aids. Oticon Real is Oticon’s premium hearing aid range and sits above the Oticon Zircon ‘budget’ hearing aids.

Oticon is the largest hearing aid manufacturer in Denmark. It is part of the William Demant Group, which includes hearing aid manufacturer Bernafon. The Oticon manufacturer page for Oticon Real can be found by clicking here.

Oticon Real Hearing Aid models:

Oticon Real Hearing Aid Models

Oticon Real is available in 3 technology levels: Real 3, Real 2, and Real 1, the top-of-the-range model.

Oticon Real MiniRITE R – Rechargeable RIC – telecoil
Oticon Real MiniRITE-T – RIC using a 312 battery – telecoil
Oticon Real MiniBTE R –  Rechargeable BTE – telecoil
Oticon Real MiniBTE-T – BTE using a 312 battery – telecoil

Oticon Real Hearing Aid Prices

Sound Hearing believes in transparency and, therefore, publishes all the prices of our hearing aids. To locate a price, click on the picture to choose the hearing aid model. If you hover over the image, a text description will appear. Next, select the technology level you are interested in. Below technology, choose a single or pair of hearing aids and then Standard Service or Service LITE. A price will then appear above and below. If you click clear, all tabs will be reset to perform a new search.

Sound Hearing offer Standard Service and Service LITE:
Standard Service – includes a home visit hearing test, a home visit fitting and home visit aftercare for life. This suits new users and older adults who may have trouble cleaning and maintaining their hearing aids and need regular support.
Service LITE – Includes a home visit hearing test and a home visit fitting. Aftercare is then chargeable. This may be suited to experienced hearing aid users who can maintain their hearing aids. It may also be suited to customers who spend time overseas.

Oticon Real Hearing Aid Technology – New Features

Oticon More Features mores sound intelligence, more sound amplifier, morse sound optimiser

More Sound Intelligence 2.0

MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 – scans the sound environment 500 times a second resulting in an accurate analysis of the sound landscape. It applies the users preferred listening preferences to deliver a natural representation of all sounds in a clear and balanced listening experience.

The new Wind and Handling Stabiliser detects wind and handling 500 times a second.  Once wind or handing is seen, the hearing aid reduces the unwanted sounds without affecting speech clarity.

MoreSound Amplifier 2.0

MoreSound Amplifier makes the whole sound scene audible by providing the correct amount of gain for the users hearing loss while maintaining the fine contrast and balance between sounds. This ensures the brain can access all the essential information it needs to make sense of sound.

The new SuddenSound Stabiliser feature allows the hearing aid to handle both soft (keyboards) and loud sudden sounds (slamming of a door), ensuring the sounds are audible but not uncomfortable and disruptive.

MoreSound Optimiser

MoreSound Optimiser proactively prevents feedback (whistling) from the hearing aid before it occurs. This ensures the hearing aid provides optimal gain for the wearer in all listening environments without losing speech understanding.

Oticon Real Highlights Video

Oticon Real Hearing Aids Rechargeable Options

Oticon Real MiniRite and MiniBTE Rechargeable are available with the standard desktop charger or the new Oticon SmartCharger with a built-in power bank which offers more flexibility:
• Recharges hearing aids without access to main power —minimum of three total charges
• Fully charges hearing aids in three hours.
• 30-minute quick charge provides an additional six hours of power
• Designed for travel with a protective lid
• Drying function automatically removes moisture from hearing aids



Oticon Real Hearing Companion APP

Oticon Real Companion App


The improved Oticon Companion app allows users to personalise their listening experience.

Oticon Companion app features:

  • Adjust volume and programmes.
  • Remember Volume Settings – if you adjust the volume, the hearing aids will remember your new preferred hearing levels.
  • Sound Equalizer – customise the sound of your hearing aids.
  • Streaming Equalizer – customise the sound when streaming sound.
  • Find my hearing aids
  • Set hearing goals with Hearing Fitness.
  • Update your hearing aids – minor hearing aid firmware updates are available via Companion app
  • Check battery status.
  • Control your tinnitus sounds.
  • Pair your hearing aids with your smart home controls.
  • Remote Hearing Care


You can check whether you phone or tablet is compatible with Oticon Real Hearing Aids here.

Oticon Real Hearing Aid Colours

Oticon Real is available in various colours; Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, Chroma Beige, Diamond Black, Olive Green (MiniRITE R only), Pink, Silver Grey, and Steel Grey.

Compare Oticon Real 1, Real 2 and Real 3 Features

For an explanation of features please see table at end of page
Oticon Real 1Oticon Real 2Oticon Real 3
Speech UnderstandingLevel 1Level 2Level 3
MoreSound Intelligence™ 2.05 Options5 Options3 Options
-Environment configuration3 Configurations1 Configurations1 Configuration
-Spatial Balancer100%60%60%
-Neural Noise Suppression, Difficult / Easy10dB / 4dB6dB / 2 dB6dB / 0dB
-Sound Enhancer3 configurations1 configurations1 configurations
-Wind & Handling Stabilizer
MoreSound Amplifier™ 2.0
-SuddenSound Stabilizer6 Configurations2 Configurations1 Configuration
Feedback PreventionMoreSound Optimizer™ & Feedback ShieldMoreSound Optimizer™ & Feedback ShieldMoreSound Optimizer™ & Feedback Shield
Spatial Sound™4 Estimators2 Estimators2 Estimators
Soft Speech Booster
Frequency loweringSpeech Rescue™Speech Rescue™Speech Rescue™
Speech Quality
Clear Dynamics
Better-Ear Priority
Bass Boost (streaming)
Processing Channels644848
Personalization & Optimizing Fitting
Fitting Bands242018
Multiple Directionality options
Adaptation Manager
Fitting FormulasVAC+, NAL-NL1/NALNL2, DSL v5VAC+, NAL-NL1/NALNL2, DSL v5VAC+, NAL-NL1/NALNL2, DSL v5
Connecting to the World
Oticon Companion app
Hands-free communication**
Direct streaming***
Remote Control 3.0
TV Adapter 3.0
Phone Adapter 2.0
Tinnitus SoundSupport™
CROS/BiCROS support

Oticon Real Wireless Accessories – Click here to purchase







Oticon TV Adaptor 3.0

Plugs into your TV and will stream stereo sound direct to your hearing aids.

Oticon Connect Clip

Oticon Connect Clip

Will pair with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and allow direct streaming from mobile phones, tablets and PCs. With its built-in remote microphone, you can also listen to people from a distance.


Remote Control 3.0










Oticon Remote Control 3.0

A Simple remote to change the hearing aid volume or program.



BTD800 Bluetooth dongle










Sennheiser BTD800 Bluetooth dongle

Plugs into a USB port (PC) and will allow a wireless audio link to the Connect Clip.

Oticon Oticon Real Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Oticon MiniFit
Filters Oticon ProWax
Slim tubes Oticon Corda MiniFit
Standard tubing
Ear hook
Receiver/Speaker Wire Oticon MiniFit Detect
Battery Depends on Model
Charger Replacement Charger
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control Oticon Remote Control 3.0
TV Connector Oticon TV Apater 3.0
Remote Mic Oticon Connect Clip


Oticon Real Features Explanation 

Oticon Real Feature Overview

Oticon Real FeatureFeature Explanation
Clear DynamicsExpands the dynamic input range, processing
sounds up to 113 dB SPL, to preserve sound
quality even at loud input levels
Better-Ear PriorityOptimises listening in asymmetrical, noisy situations
Employs a proven and effective feedback
management system to reduce the risk of
feedback and suppress feedback if it occurs
Amplifier 2.0
Sound processing occurs in an adaptive path
setup that gives priority to resolution or speed,
based on the current sound scene. Including
SuddenSound Stabilizer
Intelligence 2.0
Creates a clearer and more distinct contrast
between sounds by swiftly scanning and
analyzing, precisely organizing the spatial
sound scene, and intelligently creating contrast
and suppressing unwanted noise through the
embedded Deep Neural Network. Including
Wind & Handling Stabilizer
Improves listening performance and comfort
with ultra-fast proactive feedback detection
and prevention. Enables optimal gain all day
Soft Speech
Applies an individual amount of soft gain to
increase soft speech understanding
Dynamically provides gain primarily for speech
sounds in difficult environments, based on user
Spatial SoundPreserves interaural level differences to
provide precise spatial awareness that helps
users identify where sounds are coming from
SpeechBoosterProvides additional help in moderately complex
environments when needed by the user. Must
be activated in the Oticon Companion app
Speech RescueMakes high frequency speech sounds like /s/
and /sh/ more audible using frequency
Provides instant and balanced amplification of
both soft and loud sudden sounds
Provides a variety of relief sounds, including
soothing ocean sounds, to meet the individual
needs of people with tinnitus
TwinLinkCombines two distinct radio technologies in an
innovative wireless communication system.
Features one technology to support seamless,
energy-efficient binaural communication
between two hearing aids (NFMI) and one
to support communication with external
electronic and digital devices (2.4 GHz)
Outer Ear
Provides a true-to-real ear pinna
simulation with three different settings for
user preference
Wind &
Protects against wind and handling noise from
entering the processing in the hearing aid for
more comfort and better access to speech
For more information please click on this link below to the Oticon Real product guides where this information is taken from:{40ED2218-DA7A-405E-8EB6-B1F889CA961A}


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Additional information


Oticon Real Models

Oticon Real minRite R, Oticon Real miniRite 312 Telecoil, Oticon Real miniBTE R, Oticon Real miniBTE 312 telecoil

Oticon Real Technology Level

Real 1, Real 2, Real 3







Single / Pair

Single, Pair

Battery Type

312, Rechargeable

Service Type

Standard Service, Service Lite

Service Lite Discount

15% Off

Release Date


OverviewOticon Real Hearing Aids
MoreSound Intelligence Level 1
Environmental Configuration 5 Configuration
Virtual Outer Ear 3 Configurations
Spatial Balancer 100%
Neural Noise Suppression Difficult/Easy 10 db / 4db
Sound Enhancer 3 Configurations
Feedback Prevention MoreSound Optimizer & Feedback shield
Spatial Sound 4 Estimators
Soft Speech Booster Yes
Speech Rescue (Frequency Lowering) Yes
Clear Dynamics Yes
Better Ear Priority Yes
Fitting Bandwidth 10 KHz
Processing Channels 64
Bass Boots (Streaming) Yes
Transient Noise Management 4 Configurations
Wind Noise Management Yes
Fitting Bands 24
Listening Programs Yes
Multiple Directionality Options Yes
Adaption Management Yes
Stereo Streaming (2.4 GHz) Yes
Made for iphone/Made For Android Yes
Oticon On App & Oticon RemoteCare App Yes
Connect Clip Yes
Remote Control 3.0 Yes
TV Adapter 3.0 Yes
Tinnitus SoundSupport Yes
Chip Velox S Yes