Unlike many high street hearing aid providers, Sound Hearing is completely independent from any manufacturer. This allows us to advise you on a very wide choice of products from all the major hearing technology brands.

Our prices are extremely competitive and through our sound advice and thorough testing, we will achieve the best possible hearing for your budget. We offer a free trial of any hearing aid technology and a full hassle-free 60-day money back guarantee.

We know how important hearing is to connecting you with the world around you and to improving your quality of life.

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Louise MacBride

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Matt Oldfield

Hearing Aid Audiologist

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Matt Oldfield and Louise MacBride co-founded Sound Hearing. They have been in the hearing care industry for over 16 years and are Health Care Professions Council accredited Hearing Aid Audiologists. Between them, Matt and Louise have thousands of happy customers.

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Hearing Tests

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Sound Hearing offer FREE, no obligation home hearing tests with our trusted, qualified Audiologists.


Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Already have hearing aids? We’ll retest your hearing and reprogramme your existing hearing aids to ensure you get the best from them.

Ear Wax Removal

Produced by glands in the outer part of your ear canal, ear wax protects the ears by trapping dust and other small particles to prevent them from potentially damaging the eardrum.

Ear wax is completely natural and the amount of ear wax produced varies person to person. However, it can become problematic if there’s an excessive build up to frequent use of earplugs, cleaning ears with cotton buds or simply due to your ears’ anatomy. When ear wax becomes compacted against the ear drum it can be painful.

Symptoms of blocked ears may include:

  • impaired hearing
  • ear pain or dizziness
  • itchiness and irritation
  • a full sensation or pressure in the ear
  • mild tinnitus (ringing in your ears)
  • sudden hearing loss after showering.

Against popular belief, it’s not advisable to remove ear wax at home by using cotton buds, as they can exacerbate problems; pushing ear wax further down the ear drum and making it more difficult to remove.

Ear Wax Removal

For professional and safe ear wax removal by our experienced audiologists, please contact us.

Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

Just like our annual opticians and dental checks, a hearing check should be part of our health MOT.

Often overlooked, it’s natural for hearing to decline as we get older but it can also be affected by other factors like illness, trauma, exposure to loud noise and medication. In fact, more than 40% of people over 50 in the UK have a hearing loss, and over 70% of over 70s. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to admit!

Acknowledging that your hearing isn’t what it used to be is a big step.

Why not try our free online hearing test, discreetly, from the comfort of home. It takes five minutes and might give you a good indication if a more thorough hearing assessment, done by an Audiologist, would be beneficial.

Try our FREE online hearing test


Is your hearing aid not quite working like it used to? You might not have to replace your hearing aids, you can get them reprogrammed instead! Just because your device isn’t working properly doesn’t mean it’s broken.

Most issues with hearing aids can be simply resolved.

Our skilled hearing aid audiologists are able to service the majority of hearing equipment including providing a 3 point receiver/microphone check and a full diagnostic review using the manufacturers approved software.

If it is not possible to repair there and then, we can arrange repairs with a portfolio of manufacturers for equipment that is both in and out of warranty, providing quotes if applicable.

For further information or a quotation please feel free to contact our friendly team on: 0208 103 1650 or complete our enquiry form


We tailor bespoke hearing solutions for individual needs. For more information fill out our contact form or call 0208 103 1650

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