Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids

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Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids

Signia Silk Charge&GO IX was released in late 2023. Signia Silk IX follows on from Silk NX and X.

About Signia

Siemens sold its hearing aid division to Sivantos in 2014. Since then, the Sivantos Group has released many new hearing aids branded Signia. In 2019, Sivantos merged with Widex to form WSA audiology, including the brand Rexton.

Signia Silk Charge&GO XI Headlines

  • Released 2023
  • Universal Fit – Ready to Wea
  • 5-year warranty
  • Three Technology Levels Silk IX 3, SIik IX 5 and the top of the range Silk IX 7.
  • Charge on-the-go
  • World-first rechargeable CIC with Qi Charging
  • Binaural OneMic Directionality
  • Adjust devices using the Phone Signia APP

Signia Silk C&G IX Video Brochure

New Technology

Signia’s Integrated Xperience harnesses the power of Augmented Focus technology to improve how we hear in noisy environments. This advanced system separates speech from background noise, enhancing the speech while suppressing the background noise. Using multi-focus beam technology,  Signia Silks can track the wearer’s head movements, and the shifting positions of speakers around them to signal from the speaker is not reduced. Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

  1. Analyse – Every second, Signia Silk IX examines 192,000 pieces of data to identify who is speaking.
  2. Augment – It then fine-tunes the sound, focusing and following each speaker’s voice while minimising background noise.
  3. Adapt – Using Signia’s unique Multi-Stream Architecture, which updates 1,000 times per second, blends sounds from different sources, adapting to conversation changes in real-time.

Signia’s Binaural OneMic directionality feature Combines the Speech signal from the microphones and the pinna effect (The ear’s natural directional characteristics) on both hearing aids to focus on speech from the front.

Signia Silk Charge & GO XI Prices


SigniaSilk 7IXSilk 5 IXSilk 3IX
Price for One£1595£1395£1195
Price For Two£2995£2595£2195


Signia Silk Charge & GO XI Colours 


Silk XI is available in two colours, mocha and black.

The soft textured surface is designed to avoid reflections and improve discretion.






Signia App for your Signia Silk Hearing Aids

  • Remote Control – Hearing program and volume control – Sound Balance Adjustment.
  • Directional Hearing  360° Spatial Configurator for individual adjustment of directionality.
  • Virtual appointments – Receive online support for your Hearing aids.
  • Keep in contact with your audiologist via the Signia App

Signia Silk Charge&GO IX Accessories



Signia Mini Pocket is a small remote control that allows you to adjust the hearing aid volume and programs.





Additional information


Release Date


Signia Technology Level

3IX, 5IX, 7IX





Battery Type




Single / Pair

Single, Pair

OverviewSignia Silk Charge&Go 3 IX Hearing AidsSignia Silk Charge&Go 5 IX Hearing AidsSignia Silk Charge&Go 7 IX Hearing Aids
RealTime Conversation Enhancement NoNoNo
Conversation Source Analyzer NoNoNo
Conversation Dynamics Analyzer NoNoNo
Focus Stream NoNoNo
Conversation Booster NoNoNo
Augmented Focus NoNoNo
Surrounding Stream NoNoNo
Own Voice Processing 2.0 (OVP™ 2.0) NoNoNo
Dynamic Soundscape Processing 3.0 YesYesYes
SpeechStabilizer Yes 3-LevelsYes 4-LevelsYes 5-Levels
Motion Sensor NoNoNo
Speech and Noise Management YesYesYes
TruEar 360 NoNoNo
Binaural Directionality NoNoNo
Binaural OneMic Directionality YesYesYes
Spatial SpeechFocus NoNoNo
Feedback Cancellation YesYesYes
eWindScreen™ Yes 3-LevelsYes 4-LevelsYes 5-Levels
SoundSmoothing™ YesYesYes
Auto EchoShield NoNoYes
Reverberant Room Program YesYesYes
Extended dynamic range YesYesYes
Extended bandwidth NoNoYes
Signia Assistant NoNoNo
Signia App (iOS and Android) YesYesYes
Adaptive Streaming Volume NoNoNo
My WellBeing NoNoNo
Spatial Configurator NoNoNo
TeleCare YesYesYes
Direct streaming for iOS (MFi) & Android (ASHA) NoNoNo
HandsFree for iOS NoNoNo
CallControl for iOS NoNoNo
Telecoil NoNoNo
StreamLine Mic compatibility NoNoNo
StreamLine TV compatibility NoNoNo
miniPocket compatibility YesYesYes
Notch Therapy YesYesYes
Tinnitus Noise Therapy Manager YesYesYes
Processing Channels / Gain & MPO handles) 32/1636/1848/20
Frequency Compression YesYesYes
CROS/BiCROS compatibility YesYesYes
Hearing programs 666
HD Music 133
Smart Optimizer and Data Logging YesYesYes
Acclimatization Manager YesYesYes
InSituGram YesYesYes
AutoFit™ YesYesYes