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Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids

The Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid range was released in the UK in 2022 and succeeded the Livio AI range of hearing aids.

Founded in 1967, Starkey is America’s largest hearing aid manufacturer. Starkey has a worldwide presence, and their hearing aid factory in the UK is based in Stockport. Starkey has established a Hearing Foundation where their volunteers have fitted over 1 million hearing aids to those in need across the globe.

Starkey Evolv AI – Overview

  • Edge mode is available in the top 3 technology levels
  • Fall alert available in all models
  • 40% more noise reduction than the previous model
  • two-way audio with Apple iOS
  • New wireless CIC and a non-wireless IIC

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid Models

Starkey has released Evolv in 5 technology levels:
Starkey Evolv AI 2400 – Premium Hearing Aids
Starkey Evolv AI 2000 – Advanced Hearing Aids
Starkey Evolv AI 1600 -Select Hearing Aids
Starkey Evolv AI 1200 – Basic Hearing Aids
Starkey Evolv A 1000 -Entry Hearing Aids

You may find Starkey Evolv AI rebranded as Audibel ARC AI, Audibel Via Edge AI or Audibel Via AI.

 Starkey Evolv AI Full Product line up - iic, cic, ric and bte hearing aids

Starkey Evolv comes in the models:

      • Starkey Evolv AI IIC non-wireless 10
      • Starkey Evolv AI CIC non-wireless 10
      • Starkey Evolv AI CIC wireless 10 – not available in the UK yet.
      • Starkey Starkey Evolv AI ITC Rechargeable
      • Starkey Evolv AI ITE Rechargeable
      • Starkey Evolv AI RIC Rechargeable
      • Starkey Evolv AI Micro RIC 312
      • Starkey Evolv AI RIC 312
      • Starkey Evolv AI BTE Rechargeable
      • Starkey Evolv AI BTE 13
      • Starkey Evolv AI BTE Power Plus 13

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid Prices

Sound Hearing believes in transparency and, therefore, publishes all the prices of our hearing aids. To locate a price, click on the picture to choose the hearing aid model. If you hover over the image, a text description will appear. Next, select the technology level you are interested in. Below technology, choose a single or pair of hearing aids and then Standard Service or Service LITE. A price will then appear above and below. All tabs will be reset to perform a new search if you click clear.

Sound Hearing offers Standard Service and Service LITE – detailed information, click here.
Standard Service – includes a home visit hearing test, a home visit fitting and home visit aftercare for life. This suits new users and older people who may have trouble cleaning and maintaining their hearing aids and need regular support.
Service LITE—Includes a home visit hearing test and a home visit fitting. Aftercare is then chargeable. This may be suitable for experienced hearing aid users who can maintain their hearing aids and for customers who spend time overseas.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid Colours

Starkey evolv AI colours for BTE and RIC hearing aids

Starkey Evolv RIC and BTEs are available in bright white with Sterling silver, Black, Slate, Sterling silver, Espresso, Bronze, and Champagne.


 Starkey Custom ITC CIC ITE colours

Starkey Evolv IIC, CIC, ITC and ITE are available in pink, light brown, medium brown, chestnut, dark brown and black.


Starkey Evolv AI Rechargeable Options



Two charger types are available for Evolv AI: the Standard Charger and the Mini Turbo Charger. The Standard Charger on the left is a portable plug-in charger compatible with Evolv AI RIC R, and BTE R. The Mini Turbo Charger is a pocket-sized charger compatible with Evolv AI RIC R.





Starkey Evolv ITC Rechargeable Charger

Evolv AI ITC and ITE  are custom-made. They are only made to be rechargeable and include the same features as the RIC and BTE models. Edge mode is also available via a double tap.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid Technology

The Evolv platform integrates Hearing Performance, Healthable technology, and Information Assistance. Evolv can make up to 55 million automatic adjustments an hour, ensuring the best possible hearing in challenging listening environments.

Hearing Reality Pro analyses and understands the listening environment, using binaural signal processing and adaptive microphone directionality to adjust the hearing aids. This gives the best possible hearing in any listening environment.

Starkey Evol AI Edge mode is now available in the top three technology levels. When activated, Edge Mode uses artificial intelligence to scan the listening environment and make real-time adjustments to maximise speech understanding.

The hearing aids have a dedicated adjustable music compressor for an enhanced and enjoyable music-listening experience.

Starkey Evolv AI can use voice-activated commands. This means you can change the hearing aid programme by simply speaking.

The updated Starkey Thrive App introduces Thrive Care, which allows carers and family members to monitor the user’s hearing aid use and health. Thrive care includes fall alerts and brain and body tracking. The Thrive app also allows users to fine-tune their hearing aids and is the gateway for Telehealth—remote hearing care.

Starkey Evolv AI includes a rechargeable custom in-the-ear (ITC, ITE) hearing aid. These wireless devices allow for audio streaming from mobiles. The battery will last a full day with up to 4 hours of streaming.

Starkey Evolv – mobiles and Thrive app

 Starkey Thrive App

The Starkey Evolv is made for iPhone (MFI) technology and will pair and stream to phones running the newest Android software.

The Thrive Hearing Control app gives users complete control over their hearing aids using their smartphones. The app allows users to adjust volume, switch memories, and fine-tune their hearing aids.

The Thrive app also contains assistive features –  Find My Phone, Translate, Transcribe and Self Check, which lets you check your hearing aid performance without an office visit.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid – Comparison Table

Premium 2400Advanced 2000Select 1600Basic 1200Entry 1000
Thrive Technology
Sound Imaging2420161210
Edge ModePremiumStandardStandard--
Voice AIStandard----
Speech OptimizationPremiumStandardStandardStandardStandard
Music Adaptation
Music AdaptationPremiumAdvancedStandard--
E2E Music AdaptationPremium StandardStandard--
Ear-to-Ear Technology
E2E Wind Noise ManagementPremiumStandardStandard--
E2E Machine Noise AdaptationPremiumStandardStandard--
E2E Directionality**PremiumStandardStandard--
E2E Phone Streaming*PremiumStandardStandard--
Sound Manager
Auto MusicPremiumAdvancedSelectBasicEntry
Spatial Speech EnhancementUp to 12 dB of reductionUp to 12 dB of reductionUp to 7 dB of reductionUp to 7 dB of reductionUp to 7 dB of reduction
Speech in NoiseUp to 12 dB of reductionUp to 10 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reduction
Transient Noise ReductionUp to 15 dB of reductionUp to 9 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 6 dB of reduction
WindUp to 32 dB of reductionUp to 17 dB of reductionUp to 9 dB of reductionUp to 9 dB of reductionUp to 9 dB of reduction
Directional Processing
Compare features of Starkey Evolv AI Premium 2400, Advanced 2000, Select 1600, Basic 1200 and Entry 1000

*Available on RIC R, RIC 312 and BTE 13. **Available for products with directional microphones


Starkey Evolv AI – Accessories

Several accessories are also available with Starkey Evolv:



Starkey TV Streamer – Plugs into your TV and will stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids.







Remote Microphone allows users to enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments and stream binaurally from four different audio sources: Bluetooth, Telecoil, FM or Line-In.




Starkey-mini-remote-microphoneMini Remote Microphone—This small, easy-to-use microphone allows users to enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments.






Starkey Remote – A pocket-sized remote control allowing the user to change hearing aid volume or programs.






Table Microphone – This device improves users’ hearing in group settings like family gatherings or noisy restaurants. Eight built-in microphones detect the primary speaker‚ voice and stream it directly to their hearing aids.




Starkey’s new hearing aids will pair via Bluetooth to Orcam. Orcam is a device that visually impaired users use. It uses facial recognition, allowing the user to know who is talking. Orcam can also read and turn text into audio, which is then processed and delivered to the hearing aids.

Additional information


Starkey Evolv AI Model

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Starkey Evolv AI Technology Level

2400 Premium, 2000 Advanced, 1600 Select, 1200 Basic, 1000 Entry

Single / Pair

Single, Pair

Service Type

Standard Service, Service Lite

Release Date


OverviewStarkey Evolv AI 1200Starkey Evolv AI 1600Starkey Evolv AI 2000starkey Evolv AI 2400
Sound Imaging Channels | Bands 12162024
Edge Mode NoStandardStandardPremium
Voice AI NoNoNoPremium
Speech Optimization NoStandardStandardPremium
Music Adaptation NoStandardStandardPremium
E2E Wind Noise Management NoStandardStandardPremium
E2E Machine Noise Adaptation NoStandardStandardPremium
E2E Directionality NoStandardStandardPremium
E2E Phone Streaming NoStandardStandardPremium
Spatial Speech Enhancement NoStandardStandardPremium
Machine Noise Up to 5 dB of reductionUp to 5 dB of reductionUp to 10 dB of reductionUp to 20 dB of reduction
Speech Nosie Up to 8 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 10 dB of reductionUp to 22 dB of reduction
Transient Noise Reduction Up to 8 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 9 dB of reductionUp to 15 dB of reduction
Wind Up to 8 dB of reductionUp to 8 dB of reductionUp to 15 dB of reductionUp to 30 dB of reduction
Immersion StandardStandardStandardPremium
Adaptive StandardStandardStandardPremium
Dynamic StandardStandardStandardPremium
Translate NoNoNoPremium
Multiflex Tinnitus Pro NoNoNoPremium
Thrive Care app compatibility NoNoNoPremium
Edge Mode: Tap Control NoNoNoPremium
Transcribe NoNoStandardPremium
Edge Mode: Thrive app access NoStandardStandardPremium
Thrive Assistant NoStandardStandardPremium
Find my phone NoStandardStandardPremium
2-way audio StandardStandardStandardPremium
Engagement & activity tracker StandardStandardStandardPremium
Fall alert StandardStandardStandardPremium
Reminders StandardStandardStandardPremium
Self Check StandardStandardStandardPremium
Auto On/Off StandardStandardStandardPremium
Tap Control Standard Standard Standard Premium
TeleHear full remote fit StandardStandardStandardPremium
REM target match StandardStandardStandardPremium
CROS system StandardStandardStandardPremium