Signia Xperience NX

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Most of the NX technology products have been superseded by the Signia X and new AX range.
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Signia Xperience NX

About Signia
Siemens sold there hearing aid division to Sivantos in 2014. The Sivantos group have released many new hearing aids since 2014 and branded them Signia. In 2019 Sivantos merged with Widex to form WSA audiology.

Signia Xperience NX




Signia Xperience range:

Behind the ear – BTE – Signia Motion 13 NX Signia Motion Charge&GO NX
Receiver in canal – RIC – Signia Pure 10 NX, Pure 312 NX Pure Charge&GO NX
In The Canal – ITC Insio NX
Completely in the Canal – CIC Insio NX
Invisible in the Canal – IIC Insio NX







The Signia runs on Signia X platform.

Signia new X platform (2019) contains acoustic motion sensors which YourSound technology uses to constantly analyse the sound landscape and adjust the hearing aids settings.

Using Own Voice Processing (OVP) the Signia Pure X range can reduce the volume of the user own voice. OVP makes the users own voice sound more natural and independent of other voices and sound signals in the listening environment.

Signia Xperience Pure X operates a e 3D Classifier which adjusts the hearing aids automatically to the user environment using information on whether the user is moving or static, talking or listening and the levels of background noise.

Ultra HD e2e processing allows all the microphones to communicate and stream data to each other improving the user ability to focus on the speech in loud environments. Spatial awareness improves sound localisation and reduces high levels of background noise.

Signia Xperience Pure has an extended dynamic range to a 113dB which allows for a clear sound in loud environments without distortion.

Mfi (made for iPhone) technology and compatible with the new Signia App.

Signia Pure X is available in three technology levels;  Pure 7, Pure 5 and Pure 3. Full features and a comparison can be found on our product pages.

Signia Pure X is available in 3 power levels standard, medium and for more severe loses power.

You may also find Signia hearing aids rebranded as Specsavers Advance 71, Specsavers Advance Star, Specsavers Advance Standard, Specsavers Advance Plus, Specsavers Advance Premium, Specsavers Advance Super, Specsavers Advance Elite. Since Specsavers rebrand Signia products it is not clear whether it is AX, X or NX level technology.


Accessories available with Signia Pure X

SteamLine TV – Stream the audio your TV or stereo directly into your hearing aids.

StreamLine Mic – provides hands free streaming from any Bluetooth device. The device also works as a remote microphone.

miniPocket – A pocket sized remote control that allows you to change volume and programmes.


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Technology Level

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Battery Type

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Service Type


OverviewInsio 3NxInsio 5NxInsio 7Nx
OVP (open voice processing) PremiumPremiumPremium
3D Classifier StandardAdvancedPremium
Sound Clarity StandardAdvancedPremium
Signal processing / Gain & MPO 24-Dec32/1648/20
Hearing Programs 666
HD Spatial YesYesYes
Extended Dynamic Range YesYesYes
Extended Bandwidth NoNoYes
EchoShield NoNoYes
HD Music No13
eWindScreen binaural NoYesYes
eWindScreen NoYesYes
Speech and Noise Management 357
Sound Smoothing 133
Directional speech enhancement 013
Sound Quality StandardAdvancedPremium
Automictic Directionality YesYesYes
Adaptive Directionality YesYesYes
Narrow Directionality YesYesYes
Spatial Speech Focus NoYesYes
Speech Focus NoYesYes
Binaural OneMic Directionality YesYesYes
Twin Phone YesYesYes
Wireless CROS/BICROS YesYesYes
Frequency Compression YesYesYes
Made for iPhone YesYesYes
myControl app (iOS and Android) StandardPremiumPremium
StreamLine TV accessory YesYesYes
StreamLine MIC accessory YesYesYes
Tinnitus Technology YesYesYes
StreamLine TV YesYesYes
SteamLine Mic YesYesYes